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Digital Hot Perm vs Cold Perm
  • The new Digital Perm is now available at Salon Hairisma; giving our stylists the opportunity to offer clients the curls they dream of.
  • Unlike a cold perm which can leave the hair feeling rough!
  • The Digital Perm strengthens the hair and leaves it shinier and healthier.
  • Using digitally-controlled heat, the Digital Perm allows the stylist to create a avariety of hair textures.
  • Digital Perm can be used to not only curl straight hair, but also to relax frizzy and unmanageable curls into soft waves.
  • Because of the digitally-controlled heat treatment, the results are long-lasting and much more versatile than a traditional cold perm.
  • I had digital perm hair for the pass three years and I do it every 6 month. My experience tells me that if you want big curls, do ask the hair stylist to analyze your hair as they can determine what size of rollers to use or mix on your hair. Well, digital perm last me for a year and as time passes, the curls will turn out to be natural and nice. What I do after hair wash, I do apply leave-in conditioner, comb through the twist and scrunch it and leave it to air dry or blow dry norzle down and your other hand twist and scrunch it till dry and then put "Curling Touch Wax product to scrunch from the tips to bodies of the hair!.
  • For the first few months, I had ringlets almost but by month 3 or so, I had the perfect beachy waves I’ve always wanted. Some things that I did that may have helped: I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days after the perm (I was very self conscious for those days lol), I never ever combed or brushed it, I never straightened it, I only blow dried it with a diffuser, I was twirling my hair almost all day out of habit..that’s all I can think of for now - By Teenie.
  • NO curling irons needed, just buy extra large or jumbo sizes of foam rollers to roll 1 to 2 rollers each side of your hair to sleep overnight. Morning wake up, you take off the rollers and then twist the hair and scrunch the hair with "Curling Touch Wax or Action oil"
  • After the perm, use MOA moisturizer shampoo & conditioner to help curls lasting longer, to help curls with more tension, soft and shine.
Digital Perm Customers Reviews
9/8/2013 - Gelli Ann D.
Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA
  • I am absolutely speechless with my digital perm! I'm an individual who is very picky about doing anything with my hair and this has to be the best decision I have ever made for my hair. I've always had straight hair, and I wasn't ready to cut it short. I looked for other options, and luckily I came upon this salon. At first, I was researching the pros and cons of a digital perm. I wasn't quite convinced because there were mixed reviews. I was mainly concerned that it would damage my hair. After a week or so of decision making, I finally had the guts to make an appointment. Looking for the place was a tad difficult, but I made it. The process is VERY long. I was sad to see my hair cut because I hadn't put any layers in my hair in such a long time. Hours passed and Don finally took the rollers off. To be honest, it didn't look well when it was wet. But, after Don blow dried my hair, it looked fabulous! My hair was no longer boring. After my experience, I highly recommend this place. So ladies if you want to wake up and have beautiful curls and no longer have to waste your time curling, I advise you to see Don.
Jennifer Update - 7/9/2013 - Jenifer J.
San Diego, CA
  • If you ever want to get the best digital perm with fair price, this the BEST place to go and get a digital perm! Don and his wife did an amazing job with the perm that I wanted but also made sure that my hair was not too damaged. I got a perm done a month ago from another place and not only they damaged my hair, my perm didn't even last a week but thanks to Don and his wife who did an amazing job restoring my hair AND did an amazing job with the perm that I've been longing to have. If you ever get any kind of hair done here, you won't go anywhere but here:)

  • Previous Review - 7/6/2013
    This place is the best place to get a digital perm! Don is very friendly and gives you sound advice as to what kind of you look better with what you want. He also spend quality time to make sure you love your hair without your hair being damaged. I went to a salon that f***ed up my perm and made my hair feel like rope. I came here for a treatment and consulted with Don as to what i can do to fix my hair. He told me to wait for a month and come back for a digital perm and yesterday i got a digital perm after waiting for month and it was well worth it! He spent a lot of time trying to repair my hair before the perm and after the perm, my hair wasn't damaged and my hair looks fantastic! If you ever wonder where to get the best digital perm, this is the place to go and the price is reasonable too. My friend and I LOVE getting our hair done here!
Tanya 5/16/2013 - Tanya B.
San Diego, CA
  • The ONLY place I'd get a digital perm in San Diego period! Don won't white wash what condition he thinks your hair is in. If the results won't be perfect then he'll tell you what to do to get it in the condition needed. He won't sacrifice your hair for a few dollars in his wallet! How refreshing! I have super soft curls with beachy waves and lots of volume and a husband who loves playing with my hair. Lol! What a nice way to keep him in my arms. See Don and you will not be disappointed!
9520 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
(Between Black Mountain & Miramar Rd. - Next to 24 Hrs. Fitness)

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